{0xc00044b600 0xc0004cf0c0} Update notebook IAM role :: Distributed training with Amazon SageMaker / Amazon EKS Workshop

Update notebook IAM role

Give your notebook instances admin privileges

Note: We’re providing admin privileges to the SageMaker notebook instance only because we’ll be using the same instance to launch an Amazon EKS cluster in the later part of the workshop. If you’re only going to be using SageMaker managed cluster for training, S3 full access policy should suffice.

  • Click on the tfworld2019 and you’ll see additional details about the instance. Click on the IAM role link, this should take you to the IAM Management Console. Once there, click attach policy button. go_to_IAM attach_policy
  • Select AdministratorAccess and click on Attach policy admin attach
  • Close the the IAM Management Console window and head back to the SageMaker console.