{0xc00044b600 0xc0004cf0c0} Verify installation and test cluster :: Distributed training with Amazon SageMaker / Amazon EKS Workshop

Verify installation and test cluster

Once the cluster is up and running, you should see a message that your cluster is now ready. verify eks

Update kubeconfig file to point to our new cluster. If you chose a different name for you cluster (other than aws-tf-cluster-cpu) then be sure to include the name of your cluster below.

aws eks --region us-west-2 update-kubeconfig --name aws-tf-cluster-cpu

Run the following to confirm that you can access the EKS cluster:

You should see a list of kubernetes namespaces:

kubectl get ns
NAME              STATUS   AGE
default           Active   12m
kube-node-lease   Active   13m
kube-public       Active   13m
kube-system       Active   13m

You should see total number of nodes in your cluster:

kubectl get nodes
NAME                                           STATUS   ROLES    AGE    VERSION
ip-192-168-10-211.us-west-2.compute.internal   Ready    <none>   7m3s   v1.14.7-eks-1861c5
ip-192-168-10-229.us-west-2.compute.internal   Ready    <none>   7m4s   v1.14.7-eks-1861c5